What is infrared heat?

Infrared is part of the light spectrum.  The wave lengths and frequencies our skin senses as warmth but which the human eye cannot see are called infrared or infrared heat.

The sun is known as an enormous source of energy. This energy reaches Earth in the shape of electromagnetic radiation.  These rays are divided into different wave lengths. Measure for this division is the Nanometre (nm). One nanometre is the millionth part of a millimetre.

Each wavelength transports a certain amount of energy. The faster the wave frequency the shorter the wave length – and the more energy this ray can transport. In other words: The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength and thus the stronger the energy.

The effect of infrared heat

Infrared heat penetrates the skin deeply and warms the body. This causes the body temperature to rise and increases the heartbeat, so blood flows quicker. This in turn stimulates the metabolism and waste is transported out of the body, causing a circle of beneficial effects created by infrared heat that helps to ease or even heal physical pain.

The faster demise of noxious substances helps the body to dissipate acids and thus ease muscular pain. New nutrients are absorbed faster, leading to a quicker regeneration after exercise and physical exertions. Improved metabolism increases blood flow through the muscles and makes them stronger and smoother.

Muscular pain and joint pain are wide-spread problems today. There are many different kinds of joint paint caused by different things. Infrared heat penetrates the skin deeply and increases blood flow. This relieves muscular tension and loosens the joints, so pain will lessen. This method is often used to treat rheumatic conditions.

Not only muscles benefit from body heat. Noxious substances are dispelled from the body quicker, leading not just to a reduction in joint and muscular pain. The skin also benefits from these effects, helping to reduce skin problems like acne and eczema.

Basically the warming of the body causes some sort of fever. Just like with real fever, the body wants to get rid of noxious substances and germs as fast as it can. This boosts the immune system and thus the body’s own defences against bacteria and viruses.

What happens inside the infrared sauna?

Infrared heat is generated by special infrared heaters inside the infrared sauna. These are arranged to point at people sitting or reclining in the sauna. The infrared rays correlate with the sun’s natural infrared rays but possess exactly the right wavelength to have the best-possible effect on the human body.

Double walling inside the infrared sauna helps to increase the temperature to up to 40-60°C. This causes a double effect: Infrared heat can directly penetrate the body while the high room temperature makes it sweat.

Even people who don’t really enjoy high temperatures can make use of the infrared’s beneficial effects: Simply leave the door open, so that your environment remains cool while infrared heat directly penetrates your body and spreads its benefits.