Almost Heaven barrel saunas and Alpha sauna make for terrific eye-catchers in your garden. The shape and the chosen wood turn these saunas into something truly special.

The saunas are hand-crafted from Canadian red cedar wood carefully chosen by experts.

Barrel sauna features

A functional design promising tranquility and harmony. In order to provide relaxation and well-being as a sauna is meant to, the quality of the wood plays an important role. A barrel sauna is exactly what the name says: A sauna shaped like a large wine barrel, made of Canadian Red Cedar wood especially for outdoor use.

Thanks to its unique shape no additional roof is necessary. Hoops made from stainless steels keep the sauna in shape. The oven in classical Finnish design is made from stainless steel so there is no danger of single parts rusting.

Barrel sauna and your health

The use of a sauna or infrared cabin has various advantages and benefits for your health. Infrared heat, the way it is used in infrared cabins, has also been in medical use for decades thanks to its positive effects on body and mind.

A host of national and international studies and the vast experience of regular users have shown that the sauna has many different ways to exert a positive influence on your well-being.


Are you looking for a high-quality infrared sauna or traditional Finnish sauna at affordable prices?

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Why choose a barrel sauna?

Unique shapes

Quick heat

Environmentally friendly

All-year pleasure