If you’re looking for that particular eye-catcher in your garden or another outdoor area, a sauna pod may be just the thing for you. The unusual shape and layout means that the sauna pod is one of the most striking saunas available today.

Sauna pods made of red cedar wood do not need additional treatment. The wonderful fragrance of the wood creates that particular sauna aroma. The wood has anti-bacterial properties, doesn’t work and is extremely resistant to moisture.


Do you want to buy a sauna pod or just see one for yourself and test it? Come visit one of our Sunspa showrooms. You’ll find a variety of sauna pods made from valuable materials among our range and we guarantee best quality.

You can take a look at all models and try them for yourself in our showrooms in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Why a Sauna pod?





FSC seal of quality

All wood used in the manufacture of our sauna pods has been distinguished by the FSC seal of quality. FSC is an international organization for the protection of the forests. Only forest owners who adhere to FSC standards are distinguished by a seal of quality. Independent inspectors make sure that these standards are kept.

FSC forestry offers an income to the local population. FSC forests employ local workers who receive regular salaries, clean drinking water, high-quality work clothes and medical care.

When we use FSC-certified wood from FSC forests in Brazil, Cameroon and Indonesia, the local population will profit as well as the animals living in these forests. Forest remains forest. Only expendable trees are cut. Gorillas live in Cameroon’s FSC forests and enjoy a safe existence. The same goes for jaguars in the Amazonas area and rhinos on Borneo.

This support is not just important for humans and animals that directly depend on forests. Protection of tropic rainforests also benefits global climate. FSC forestry protects the forests and delivers work material with a much smaller CO2 footprint compared to other materials being used in construction.