Clean based on essential oils

Sauna scents will spread a wonderful fragrance in your private or professional sauna. Based on essential oils these scents are pure bliss during your regular sauna use. You can choose from a broad range from light and fresh to strong herbal fragrances that form an unmissable part of your sauna experience!

Warm and Tender sauna scents are very economical in use

These sauna scents are very economical in use. You only need five millilitres of concentrate for one litre of fresh water (1:20).  Most sauna buckets hold three litres. The experience of smell is different for everyone, so make sure to find the perfect mix for yourself, then pour a small quantity on the sauna stones with a ladle and just enjoy!

Buy Warm and Tender sauna scents

Buying sauna scens is a question of making a choice. You could opt for a display case that holds small 100ml samples of all eight sauna scents, so you can enjoy them all at home in your sauna and find your favorite. Each sauna scent is also available in a larger version of 500ml for a very attractive price that makes this the most economical choice.

Warm and Tender sauna scents for professional users