Barrelsauna 2.0

Most people have heard about the barrel sauna and yet the “wine barrel” for outdoor use still makes for an unusual and attractive sight in a private garden. The unusual form makes the barrel sauna stand out from other outdoor saunas. The design in the shape of a classic wine barrel helps to distribute the heat more effectively inside compared to regularly shaped saunas.

As this makes the barrel sauna heat up more quickly it contributes to saving a lot of energy by opting for a barrel sauna. The wood used for a barrel sauna does not need further treatment. It will remain in perfect shape for a long time and also provides an antiseptic effect.

Barrel Sauna 2.0

The barrel sauna principle has been known for a long time, but Alpha Wellness Sensations now introduces a whole new model. Alpha Wellness Sensation has been leading the international market with innovative trends for decades and is well known as a producer of high-quality wellness products such as saunas. The infrared cabin barrel has now become the new showpiece among the barrel saunas: Normally the barrel sauna uses the standard principle of the Finnish sauna that includes sprinkling aromatic water on an oven. However, the infrared cabin barrel is a barrel sauna using infrared heaters instead and is particularly suitable for outdoor use.

This is a unique design in so far as infrared cabins are generally meant for indoor use, whereas barrel saunas cannot be installed indoors. Alpha combines the best of both worlds!

Another novelty is an option for clients to customize the outdoor sauna specifically to your own wishes. Choose whether you want a sauna roof made of shingles or coco mats and whether you prefer an electrical oven or a regular wood oven. Since the barrel sauna includes LED lighting in the back wall you can also create your own colour schemes.

Now you may think that such a terrific showpiece will need its own power plant, but luckily this is not the case. You can simply connect your barrel sauna to a regular electrical outlet (3500 W/220 V/16A). You can also add infrared heaters to your regular barrel sauna by Alpha or use them for heating the changing area. This will make your barrel sauna even more unique!