This week Sunspa Saunas presents the newest infrared sauna “Lounge” by Alpha. This unique infrared sauna, suitable for two persons, is one of the most ergonomic and comfortable infrared cabins available.

You will feel heavenly relaxation while lounging in these comfortable aesthetic seats. Ergonomic heaters built into both seats are adjusted to the body’s anatomy. Neck and back are pointedly targeted to receive warmth to treat spinal conditions and other back problems. You no longer need to remain in an unnatural pose that puts stress on the lowest vertebrae but enjoy perfect comfort. The shape of the seat lifts the pelvis so that pressure on the vertebrae is relieved and more warmth reaches the nervous system.

Bundled infrared energy boosts the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and increases blood flow. The infrared cabin is further equipped with a colour therapy option. Colours help to correct disturbances in physical energy and thus contribute to the healing process.

These infrared heaters (the only ones available that follow the ergonomic shape of the back) are controlled electronically and can be adjusted in four increments for perfect ease of use. The Alpha Lounge impresses with its sophisticated and detailed finish. The interior is made of 8mm-thick cedar wood while the exterior is made of 11mm abachi wood with added cedar elements.

To enhance your well-being even further you can use an enclosed remote control to operate the lights, the integrated colour therapy and the built-in mp3-player. Enjoy the wonderful heat of the infrared cabin while listening to your favourite music!

Order your infrared sauna now with an incredible discount of €1.500,-! If you order your infrared sauna Lounge now you will play only €4.495,- instead of the standard price of €5.995,-!