Sauna during pregnancy

A sauna stay is wonderfully relaxing and it would be a shame to stop using the sauna during a pregnancy. Luckily it’s not necessary, but you should pay attention to a few important things.

The first 12 weeks:

You should not use the sauna during the first trimester of your pregnancy. The growing foetus is very sensitive to outside influences during this time. High temperatures could heighten the risk of a miscarriage or of deformities such as spina bifida.

Using the sauna:

If you have been using the sauna regularly before your pregnancy you should resume to do so after the first 12 week. Visiting the sauna is good for your heart and blood vessels and helps you to sweat out excess moisture.

But don’t overdo it during your pregnancy. Don’t stay inside the heated sauna for too long and listen carefully to your body’s signals. If you are feeling unwell or suffer from dizziness or tightness in your chest, you should leave the sauna immediately. The heat can increase your own heartbeat or that of your child. This is generally not a problem though, as it will also happen during daily activities such as biking or climbing stairs.

You can use the sauna until the end of your pregnancy, though you should avoid jacuzzis or cold hip baths after your sauna session during the last four to six weeks.  Your cervix may already start opening during these last weeks so that you are at a greater risk for infection. It is best to take refreshing cold shower instead.

Avoid infrared saunas during pregnancies. Heat inside infrared cabins is generated by infrared heaters that may be harmful to your unborn child.


  • Don’t stay in the sauna for more than ten minutes
  • Inform staff at reception that you are pregnant and check about potential treatments.
  • Listen to your body. Leave the sauna immediately if you feel unwell
  • If you have no or little experience with saunas, a pregnancy is not the right time to start trying.
  • Take great care when using jacuzzis and cold hip baths towards the end of the pregnancy (last 4-6 weeks) as an early opening of the cervix can cause infections.
  • We suggest avoiding the sauna and massages during the first trimester.